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CosmoCruise 2019:


Join us for the second Cosmology Meeting at the Sea! We will be traveling onboard COSTA Deliziosa for seven nights leaving from Venice. 

The program will include the following topics:

Inflation, Theory, Primordial Black Holes, CMB, Reionization, Large Scale Structure (Surveys, SN, Ly-alpha,...), N-body simulations, Gravitational Waves, Gravitational Lensing,  Galaxy Clusters,  Galaxy Formation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Particle Astrophysics. Alternative Models to LCDM, ...

Family Friendly
This meeting is family friendly. Children under 17 yr old pay only taxes and port fees. The ship includes a variety of amenities and a diverse program full of entertainment for the entire family.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC):
G. Barenboim, S. Bridle, M. Bucher, J. Carlstrom, A. Cooray, J.M. Diego, B. Jain, W. Kinney, J. Khoury,  A. Kravtsov, A. Liddle, A. Loeb, C.-P. Ma, R. Mandolesi, V. Martinez, L. Randall, A. Refregier,, D. Scott, J. Silk, A. Starobinsky, R. Sunyaev, M. Zaldarriaga,

Local Organazing Commitee (LOC):
J.M. Diego, D. Herranz, D. Molinari, D. Paoletti, G. Yepes

Venice, 18-25 August 2019


Morning Session

(No break)

Cultural Break

(Time to visit the different destinations)

Evening Session

(No break)

Dinner & Social Program

(Onboard entertainment)

A detailed program will be available on this page. Sessions will be organized (when possible) following the scheme above.

More speakers coming soon ...

List if invited speakers include the following

(more names coming soon)

Alexei Starobinsky
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics
Joseph Silk
IAP (Paris), Univ. Oxford, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Galaxy Formation
Rogier Windhorst
Arizona State University
JWST and the high-z Universe
Raul Angulo
Donostia International Pshysics Center (DIPC)
N-body simulations
Stefano Borgani
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste Case
Galaxy Clusters
Stacy McGaugh
Case Western Reserve University
Alternative Models to LCDM
Philip Mocz
Princeton University
Ultra-Light Dark Matter
Niayesh Afshordi
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Dark Energy
Masamune Oguri
Kavli IPMU
Strong Lensing
Douglas Scott
University of British Columbia
Silvia Bonoli
Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)
The J-PAS survey
Francois Bouchet
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Planck Legacy Results
Kenneth Wong
Kavli IPMU
Cosmology with time delays
Luca Valenziano
INAF OAS-Bologna
The Euclid Mission
Conference venue
COSTA Deliziosa:
Venice, COSTA terminal (see map below)
August 18th 2019.
Three types of state rooms can be booked; interior, exterior, and exterior with balcony. The price of accommodation starts at 71 EUR/day in a shared room (and up to 120 EUR/day). Early registration is highly recommended since the number of rooms available at the negotiated rate is limited. These prices are guaranteed for reservations made before December 15th 2018.
Italy (Venice, Bary), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Greece(Corfú, Santorini, Mykonos)
Conference fee:
Participants will receive two invoices. One for conference fee and one for accommodation (see above). The conference fee is 650 EUR. This includes welcome package and access to all sessions.
Guests/Family members:
Guests are  expected to pay the full cost of accommodation plus meals at the negotiated rate (see pdf form in Step 2 of registration below for details). Children under the age of 17 pay only port fees but the rooms for three people are more expensive. The cost per participant in this room is increased by approx 35 EUR per day per adult. These type of rooms (more than two people) are also limited in number  and available upon request.


The registration is divided in two steps.

Step 1)  fill the online form below  where you can request a talk to present your work in the conference. Given the nature of the conference, there will be no possibility to present posters. First deadline for abstract submission is already passed but we are still receiving abstracts. Abstracts received after November 28th are put in a  waiting list and may still be accepted.

Step 2) fill a separate pdf form that can be downloaded by clicking  here  and send it to the e-mail included at the end of the form. This form is used to submit the full payment (registration fee and accommodation). A room can not be booked without this form. A first payment of 250 EUR per person (including children) needs to be made to secure the booking of the room by December 15th. After this date, neither room availability nor reduced rate can be guaranteed.  If you are traveling with your family or a guest, use the pdf form in Step 2 to request accommodation for your family/guest. Children (under age 17) are expected to pay only port fees and taxes (starting at 270 EUR).


Each participant will receive two bills. One for conference fee (650 EUR) and one for accomodation (remaining balance).   Guests will receive only one bill for the total cost (upon request).

Please, check the cancellation policy at the bottom of page 2 in the pdf form from Step 2. It is recommended that you book your own travel and cancellation policy.

Please, be aware the your registration will not be complete until you have completed Step 1 and Step 2.

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